How to Rock the “Kim K. Track Pant” Trend

To all my women who desire to live in their sweats (and have no problem doing so) , I commend you! Lord knows I’ve had my fair share of mornings when I just needed to pop on a pair of sweats and be out the door. This season the  “dressed-up” trackpant/sweatpant trend has been on the rise thanks to influences like Kim K and Rihanna.

I’m loving this trend for so many reasons.  For one, it allows me to be comfortable and fly with little to no effort. Here are a few simple tips I have for anyone looking to pull off this trend.


  1. Go for Sweats with white stripes on the side. I found that the classic “Adidas track pant”  with the white stripe detail on the side works  virtually  all the time with this trend. There’s something about the detail in the stripes that keeps the look casual but not “too casual”. There are various sites and shops that offer the same look of the Adidas sweat pant look for a smaller price tag ( , H&M, Zara.)

Adidas Track pant- $45


2) Go for a fitted Top vs. a Loose Top- I’m a strong believer in Dressy tops and chill bottoms, and this trend is no exception. Depending on how you want to rock this look, I would definitely recommend going a bit more dressy up top. Now, this trend is set to be somewhat dressy so if you’re wanting to rock a chill sweatshirt up top with your track suit bottoms, I would recommend a cute pair of sock boots, or heeled sandals  to give you the   “dressy” detail and flair you’re looking for.


3. Confidence is Key. As with any new trend, there’s a risk you bare that comes with others “just not understanding” your look. But hey, who cares? Fashion is meant to be expressive. Creating and defining your personal style is a process. Regardless of what you throw on your body, make sure you’re confident in your outfit choice. Now, not every trend is befitting for everyone, so it’s okay to dodge this trend this season. Trust me, there will be many more!



And with that love bugs, I trust that you’ll make me proud. Go out into the world and show everyone how sexy confidence can be, sweat pants and all ❤


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