Destination Denim

You never realize how dope your city is until you venture out to the areas you never even knew existed. 4 LONGGGG years in undergrad and I’ve yet to take in the serene essence that is Downtown Cincinnati.

I guess I don’t give this city enough credit. But, with it’s  one-of-a-kind architectural design and  views that would make even some the biggest cities jealous, Cincinnati doesn’t need me to do much bragging for her.

Sooo, I’m a little late to hop on the “comic shirt” trend, but hey, better late than never right? I’m literally obsessed with this “Justice League” tee I got at an on campus “clothing swap”. Not only cute, but it cost ya girl nothing, literally! How’s that for ballin’ on a budget, huh? 😉

And.. since I’m not one to wear heels to take dope pictures in the middle of downtown, I settled for my favorite pair of high-top van sneakers that have since become a closet STAPLE.

Ladies, if you do not own a pair Please Invest!!

These shoes literally are my excuse for everything, and yet they can take any outfit from     ” I didn’t feel like getting dressed today” to “She looks so dope with barely any effort”. You’ll Thank me later.

The rest of my outfit details are listed below.

Later Lovebugs ❤







Outfit Details

“Justice League” Top- Thrifted

Denim Skirt- Topshop

Denim Jacket-


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