If you’re reading this– you’re just as lost as me.

Happy new year to you all! haha. It has been quite a while hasn’t it? I promise the lambs have not abandoned you all lol. Sometimes you know, you need a good break. A good hiatus. Some time to reevaluate, allow God to re-position, and then you can move.

So I guess you could call this period of my life, “The re positioning”.  Creative right? lol . Anyway, here’s a brief rundown on what’s been going on in Iyesha’s life. How shall we start? Let’s go in order from most stressful to least stressful . .


Where did 4 years go, like honestly can we do a redo? Feels like just yesterday I was stumbling around campus (syllabus in hand) looking for my sociology 101 class. I guess this is the part that I say how excited and happy I am to graduate and be a big girl. Well, that’s surely a lie lol. Im literally freaking out. Well, not exactly, but I will admit I am scared. The part that scares me the most ( which is kind of childish) is the fact that me and the Lambs are at a point where we all may be going separate ways post graduation. My fear is not being with them, and missing them (sappy I know but don’t tell them that). I’ve been using this time to pray for guidance. Praying that above all else God’s will be done, but that he will ultimately order my steps and any decisions I make right now concerning my life post undergrad will not be based off of any fears that I may have, but his will alone.

Grad School–YIKES!

So, I’ve been in the process of applying to grad school for my masters in accounting. For those of you who have little knowledge of the accounting profession ( as did I nearly 4 years ago) you must have 150 credit hours to sit for the CPA exam ( the bane of my existence, AKA the entrance exam into accounting and the hardest exam known to the professional world just under the LSATs) and this is equivalent to 5 years undergrad or 4 years undergrad and 1 one year masters. The masters route has been less then appealing since I had to take the GMAT exam ( story for another day) and was completely stressed out basically all of winter break. Anyway, the Good Stuff— The GMAT is over, I’ve applied to my top schools ( but am still considering others) and just waiting on those decisions.      ( Yall pray for your girl!).

PURPOSE– Am I supposed to know that right now?

Shoot, I sure hope not cause your girl don’t know anything right about now lol. It’s crazy because I’ve always felt like, your last year in college is the time you should already know everything. You should know what you’ll be doing with your life the next few years, what you want out of life and ultimately, your Purpose should be revealed– sike. Well, at least not for me. As of lately, I feel as though we’ve placed too much emphasis on purpose instead of allowing God to move in our lives ultimately for His purpose. “For you have been born again [ that is, reborn from above– spiritually transformed, renewed and set apart for his purpose]”- 1 Peter 1:23. As believers, our main purpose in this life is to do God’s will and through this, by serving him and allowing him to work through us, our purpose is slowly revealed through him. Now, this can be done in a number of different ways. You can serve God in the simplest ways– mentoring a younger sibling and teaching them his ways, or on a greater scale– opening up a business that serves people in need. The thing I love about God is he’s given us so many different avenues to serve him. I mean, people are serving God through YouTube Channels, blogs ( Hello ! lol ) , hairdressing (allow someone to see the beauty God has placed in them and let them exude this confidence and praise God in return) teaching, poetry, make-up artistry, etc. God has given us solid arenas to do it. Ain’t he good?

And so. . .

Pray for your girl guys. That his grace will continue to rest upon myself and the rest of the lambs. So we can continue to write you more sappy, God-loving posts like this one. ❤

Jesus loves you always,


Outfit Details

Top- brandymelville.com

Jeans- F21.com

“Uh huh honey” Hat- brandymelville.com

Shoes- Nike Roshe Runs

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