John Legend Concert? Oh Yeahh

Hey Guys! With classes being so hectic this week we were pleasantly surprised when our good friend told us about a FREE ( yes I said FREE) John Legend concert on campus this weekend. He was performing to raise awareness about the importance of this year’s upcoming election .  I hope all of you are excercising your right to vote this year, (as you all should) .  Not all the lambs were in attendance unfortunately Omo had a midterm to study for, and Ciara had a project she was shooting for on campus (sad face). So myself and Dana spent our Sunday evening front row watching John perform.  He did a mix of his all time hits  including “Greenlight,  Best You Ever Had , All of Me” and  his new single “Love me More”. If you all haven’t heard his new single, go listen to it! You won’t regret it. How did you all spend this chill Fall weekend? Comment below and tell me, I’d love to know 🙂 Outfit details listed below.

Later love bugs ❤img_7493img_7495






Top :

Jeans :



Blue Choker- Icing


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