Interview with @EveryStylishGirl

A few weeks ago, I was asked to be featured in EveryStylishGirl. A visual platform that celebrates stylish women all over the country. I was beyond excited and honored! Check out my interview and be sure to follow their instagram page @Everystylishgirl! ❤


1) What inspired you to be a blogger?

I never wanted to start blogging . I had so many doubts in my head when my roommates brought the idea up that we should start a blog . ” what would we blog about ?” ” how would it be received ?” ” Could we really do this ?” For a while I pushed the idea out of my head . Then one day, we got our domain name and there it was. Our blog was born. For a while , I avoided the blog . My roommates began posting but I always put it off. They’d always ask, ” Iyesha the fashion column needs some love, ” but I would continue to put off posting .To be completely honest, I was scared. It was more of a fear of the unknown than anything. But I began to feel God tug on my heart. He spoke to me on several occasions , saying ” you all began this blog to bring Glory to my name . What makes you think i would let you fail ?” I knew God put a love of fashion in my heart for a reason . It would be my way of bringing Glory to his name through our blog. Showing women of all ages, and backgrounds that you can still be flyy without having to compromise your being, and your body.

2)What is your blog inpursitofgrace all about? How did that idea come about?

Inpursuitofgrace is a faith and lifestyle blog . My 3 roommates and I were saved our freshmen year in college. We were set on fire for God and wanted to share our college experiences , wisdom and love for him to help others . There are 4 aspects to our blog. Faith, Style, Beauty and Adventure. I’m in charge of the style portion of our blog . It’s my sacred space. I can share fashion tips with the readers all while sharing advice on how I deal with a lot of the issues I face in my life spiritually through prayer and sacred time with God.  My roommate Dana is in charge of the beauty section . She’s a natural hair guru and loves all things natural hair. Ciara , is the creative genius in our group and she does the adventure portion . She lovess to travel and draws her behind off! And then there’s Omo — the matriarch of our little group haha. She’s been saved the longest out of all of us and she genuinely loves Christ. She does the faith portion of our blog .


3) What would you say has been a very significant moment in your life and why?

The most significant moment in my life was when I gave my life to Christ. My whole world became so much smaller. Suddenly my problems seemed so small compared to his love and faithfulness. After that, his problems became my problems . His desires , mine . It’s the most amazing feeling in the word . There’s no way to truly put it into words. It’s love. Unfailing , faithful, enduring love. And I’m forever grateful that He’s allowed me to serve him this way– (blogging) .


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