Back to School Sleek







I may have skipped over a minor detail about my appearance in my last post. Can you all guess what it is? If you guessed my hair, you certainly guessed right! haha 🙂 I cut my hair! I cut it into a  sultry,  short  Nia Long like style. Here, I decided to slick it down. Exposing the peanut head I am slowly but surely growing to love. Why did I cut it you ask? Well, simply put , I needed a change. This summer has been filled with much change. Some good, some bad. In the midst of the the foggy patches that have brought me to this point, I decided I needed something that would allow me to breathe just a bit easier. Now, I know what you’re thinking. Cutting your hair is so cliche’ for girls once they’ve reached a point when change has ransacked their lives. And for that, I would rebuttal in saying, you’re exactly right. And I, could really care less. You see, this change was something I needed. Sort of like in those moments when your spirit goes through subtle periods of transformation in which God is molding you for the better. In this case, my physical appearance needed a little subtle transformation and remolding of its own. Anyway, Onto the more important stuff. Here’s one last OOTD before I start classes and my last fall semester in Undergrad this Fall. I will bore you all with the details of my first  week of classes in my next post. Till then, later love bugs ❤

Outfit Details Below:


Top – |   Jeans- Forever21 | Chestnut Flats – Macy’ |

Choker Necklace-

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