Oh Thursday… just one day away from our beloved Friday..



Anyway, so earlier this week I met up with a friend of mine at a coffee shop for our weekly Life group.  Now, being the slacker that I am sometimes, I had missed all the other ones and gone completely M.I.A (oops) so I was pretty excited to join in on my very first group. To start off our discussion for the day my friend asks us a very simple question, “If you could describe your Summer so far in a one word hashtag, what would it be?” UGH. Can I just start by saying I HATE questions like this?! Like… I’m so tempted to just give a basic spiel about what’s been going down this Summer, but one word?  My roommate, who was also there, described her Summer using “hashtag Life-Experience” … Not one word, but she just talked about her trip to another country and how it opened her eyes to the fact that there is so much more than… well here. How inspiring.  While she’s explaining ever so eloquently her reasoning behind her  one word I’m sitting and pondering on how the heck I would describe my Summer. When my turn finally arrived, I pause for a brief moment and all that came out was, “#re-..??”  

“Re-” Omo..Thats really all you could come up with??  That’s not even a word!

But wait, there’s more! Really, when I think about this Summer, there is alot of Re-going on.






My Summer so far has been about finding myself. What do I even like to do? What does Omo want for her life, outside of the expectations that people have for me.  I really wanted to use this time away from the books to get into doing the things I never really had time to do, and changing the things that frustrated me about myself. I wanted a total spiritual, mental, emotional,  and even physical “glo-up”.  I’m happy that my friend asked this question because it made me realize that I have slightly deviated from that plan.  When I’m in school, I become completely engulfed in my school work that I feel like I literally cannot involve myself in much else.  Now Summer has come around and I’ve started a new job, which I LOVE by the way. However, I’ve noticed I’ve been just going to work, coming home, crashing on the couch.  Repeat the next day. Oh, and when I do get a break I sleep! But this question really made me realize, you know, it’s time to pick up where I left off.

So! If you could describe your summer in a hashtag, what would it be? (doesn’t have to be one word) 🙂


Be inspired. Be encouraged.Be you. Be blessed.   Mwuah!



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