Eat Up.


This post was inspired by a convo I had with one of my friends the other day. It was about 5 in the evening and I was sitting at home literally dying internally because I had been depriving myself of eating carbs after 5 pm for the past week. Now, I’m one of those girls who can not live without carbs. I literally breathe carbs. Rice, pasta, corn , give it to me, I’ll down it.I set a goal for myself this summer that I wanted to drop 5-10 lbs before school started. In my head I’m thinking, “That’s cute Iyesha”. Don’t get me wrong, I love my body. I’m petite, however I have hips and curves. But like every girl, there are parts of myself that I wouldn’t mind changing. Anyway, I was sitting there, and my friend called. The convo started off pretty normal. “How was your weekend, what did you do today. . .” then the convo shifted when she mentioned how she just made some pasta. Red flag. All I could think about was the delicious meat sauce resting on top of my taste buds and the smooth texture of the penne noodles in my mouth. Then I snapped right back into reality like, Chill Iyesha, no carbs after 5 girl. . .I explained to my friend how I was aiming to drop a few lbs before the end of the summer. And how I knew I shouldn’t put so much emphasis on the number I was trying to reach because it was just that. . . a number on the scale. It wasn’t like I was unhealthy, or hated the way I looked. I mean, there were some areas I wanted to change, but I was moreso concerned about reaching my goal weight. Then it occurred to me like, um Iyesha . . you really are over here depriving yourself for these 5 little pounds lol. Moral of the story, I drove my behind over to my friend’s house so fast and downed that penne in a heartbeat, and enjoyed every second of it. Ladies, the goal should be to live a happy, healthy life.. and not to put so much emphasis on a number. Now, I’m still on this journey to lose these few pounds but I’m learning how to balance my food intake and exercise. Variation over Deprivation I like to say lol. Hope this blesses y’all.



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