Growing Pains.


At the beginning of the summer, me and my friends had pronounced that this summer would be our “Glo up Summer”. We were going to change and refine everything. The main areas we were targeting were our spiritual lives, getting physically fit, renewing our minds and improving our blog. Sounds good right? Well, we thought so too until Summer actually got here and life definitely got in the way. For me, I was in a very serious relationship for a few years, which finally ended. It’s really funny how life works guys. How God will rearrange your plans in a way that not only fulfills his purpose for our lives but also forces you to learn to depend on him for full closure on a situation. I’d been praying for God to show me his will for me in this area, and he did, however I kept ignoring him. You ever pray for God to show you something but realize it’s not what you wanted to hear so you act like you didn’t hear him? Okay, that was me until I I began to change my prayers, and started to pray that God’s will be done, and not my own .Psalm 143:10 “Teach me to do your will, For you are my God; Let your good Spirit lead me on level ground”.  I knew if left to me, I would remain in the same spot for years because I just did not know how to end it, and a part of me really did not want to. Now, I’m in a new season of singleness and learning to wait on God. The feeling of being single is not as bad as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, nothing against being single however, the way most people portray being single is wallowing in a puddle of sadness waiting for that special someone to save you. However, God has been teaching me how critical this season is. Being by yourself forces you to have to deal with yourself. It forces you to have to understand who it is you are, it forces you to to accept the bad parts about yourself and love those parts, and love them hard because how do you expect someone else to love them if you don’t? I realized for me that I didn’t want to be single because I didn’t want to have to be forced to deal with the parts of myself that I didn’t like. I didn’t want to deal with the sometimes over emotional Iyesha that my ex would sometimes have to put up with. I didn’t want to deal with the sometimes insecure Iyesha that would thrive off of the compliments my ex gave me to feel a little better about the parts of myself that I didn’t love. I didn’t want to deal with a whole part of myself but I wanted someone else to. How crazy does that sound guys? And in realizing this, I realized how much I needed to depend on God. Only he could teach me to deal with these parts, and love them because he loved them more than anything. Who better to teach you how to love yourself than the the one created you? So I challenge you guys, to change your prayers. Pray that God would intervene in the areas of your life that need the most growth. For me, it was in my relationship and spiritual life. I knew that if left to me, these areas would not change much because I was reluctant to changing them. Sometimes it takes a little bit of intervention from God for an area of our life to change, and not only that but it also takes us being willing to move our feet and work with God. We have to do our part as well in the growth process. Remember in the beginning how I mentioned I would pray to God or answers but ignore him when it wasn’t what I wanted to hear? In that instance, I was working against myself and my purpose. Now, “Glo up Summer” Is still in full effect  however, we’re just doing it God’s way more than anything, and letting him lead the process in whatever area he chooses to grow and however he chooses to do it. Hope this message blesses you guys. ❤









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