Your Journey Awaits

Hello my beautiful people! The new blog inspired me to do some new things, and I’m really excited to begin sharing my experiences with you all. As you know, I love my art and I will never stop talking about it, but after a lot of thinking I realized that I tell the best stories IMG_3421not through my drawings, but through my adventures to new places and trying new things. My new segment on the blog is called Adventure, which I think suits me well because I’m a very…mobile and energetic person. I do this not for bragging rights and not to make myself seem “cool”. I do this because I truly love embarking on journeys and taking in everything God and this world has to offer me. Exploring allows you to learn things about yourself that you will remember forever. The more you do, the more knowledgable you become. I share my journey not to spark envy, but to ignite inspiration. I want to be your motivation for you to reach outside your comfort zone and grab life by the handle bars as you pedal through territories unknown. If you always dream of trying new things, I’m challenging you to actually get out and try.

Peace, Love, & Positivity.


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